import excel to access database in vb6.00

can anyone help me with the code.
am trying to import the content of an excel sheet to my access database using common dialog in vb6. i tried this code below but is not working ........

Private Sub sLoadExcel()
If CommonDialog1.FileName = "" Then Exit Sub
Dim exc As Object
Set exc = CreateObject("Excel.Application")
exc.Workbooks.Add (CommonDialog1.FileName)
exc.Visible = True

'Dim i As Integer
For i = 0 To exc.Row - 1
With rstAS400
.Fields![STUDID] = exc.cells(i, 1)
.Fields![FNAME] = exc.cells(i, 2)
.Fields![LNAMSE] = exc.cells(i, 3)
.Fields![SEX] = exc.cells(i, 4)
.Fields![LDOB] = exc.cells(i, 5)
Next i
End With
End Sub

please help me out.
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