Windows CE boot logo

I have developed a kiosk type device using Windows CE 6.0 and a custom application. I was wondering if it is possible to display a custom image instead of "Starting Windows CE ..............." text at WinCE boot up time.




  • Yes you can do that.

    you need to copy the bmp file to the location in flash. The location shall be specified in your BSP. BLShowLogo() function shall copy the image from flash to ram and that shall appear on LCD screen at boot up.

    To copy the image to flash you need to write your own interface, if you can tell from where you want to download your bootup logo file it would be easy to help you.

  • Unfortunately I couldn't find any reference to the function BLShowLogo() on the internet. Since you mention BSP I presume that it is a platform and not Windows CE feature. Can you tell me what hardware are you using?
    Can you please give me an example on how did you do it? Lets say that the image has been copied to Windows folder.


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