seeking programming partner Should be a simple program. FOXPRO?????

I am an old DOS FOXPRO programmer and playing with VFP 5.0. What I want is a program similar to turbolister (ebay) but for a different site. The site is a new auction site that does not have software to create auctions on your desktop then upload to the site. (This is what turbolister does) The program needs to have 12 fields to describe the auction the description field is large and if in VFP would need a memo field to hold the data. I have code to export to a csv file but it is not working. I would like someone that can fix this problem and then rewrite the program to make it more professional. I would then sell it and split all profits 60% for the programmer and 40% for me. I would sell it cheap and since the site has 580 - 1200 new users a day registering this program would have some real potential I think VFP would be the best bet but would be open to other suggestions. I will discuss further plans with anyone interested. I would like to make this a program that could produce residual income for us.

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Thank You.


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