UART between two devices

I must program a software that transfers simple bytes from a ST SPEAr Plus 600 (based on two ARM9 microcontrollers) and a Freescale MC13192x (based on HCS08). I've written, on the SPEAr side (STLINUX 2.3) a simple code that uses open and write primitives; on the Freescale side (WIN-CODEWARRIOR) i've modified the callback for Uart Rx interrupt to toggle one Led when called. The problem is: when i send from SPEAr to MC13192x nothing happens... but if i connect SPEAr to a pc i can see the bytes it sends on the terminal!! Also if i connect MC13192 to the pc and press some keyboards the led changes its state!! So it seems that only the communication between them is not working! WHY???
P.S. It's obvious that they are set with the same communication parameteres!!
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