Small program needed

This is kind of a cross post from the wanted section below, but I am posting it here because there are allready several similarly capable programs out there in the gaming industry as "cheats". I need some sort of screen capturing program that will help with the following....

I need some help either finding or designing a program. I, along with several others, have to take annual training online. Part of that training requires us to sit in front of the computer looking at tutorials. After looking at the tutorial we then have to do the lessons and after all of that we have to take an exam. The tutorials never change from year to year to year, it is always the exact same thing. It is a total time waster. Unfortunately the tutorial will not let you advance from page to page until that page has played out and the progress bar reaches the end and then and only then can you press enter and proceed to the next page of the tutorial. Considering the number of tutorials that I have to watch I would guess that I spend about 50-60 hours sitting in front of the computer waiting to press the enter key.

What I would like to find or have designed is some sort of capture program that would moniter the progress bar and then submit an "enter" when the bar reaches the end.

Considering all that I have seen in game cheats where the cheat program moniters the game play area and does all sorts of things automatically, this sounds like it should not be too difficult, but not being any sort of programmer I really don't know.

If you have any ideas......
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