How can i print?

im pretty new to java. Im attending a programming class at a college in norway. I have only been programing for 3 months.

My question is, how can i for example print all items or a selected item from the games archive(so i get it in a new window with the info requested when choosing print)?
I have tried some codes with println, but only got to print the key/id that the object has in the archive.
I hope anyone here can help me and show me how the print code should look like.
I have for your information as you maybe can see, created classes for the objects and the archives before i created the main class RentalArchive.

kind regards

* Write a description of class RentalArchive here.
* @author AH
* @version 0.1
public class RentalArchive

private MovieArchive movies;
private GameArchive games;
private MusicArchive musics;
private CustomerArchive customers;
private DistributorArchive distributors;

public RentalArchive()
movies = new MovieArchive();
games = new GameArchive();
musics = new MusicArchive();
customers = new CustomerArchive();
distributors = new DistributorArchive();


* newGame()
* Add a new Game to the archive
* @param int ga_productNo
* @param String ga_title
* @param int ga_released
* @param String ga_gameDeveloper
* @param String ga_description
* @param String ga_genre
* @param String ga_platform
* @param String ga_distributor
* @param int ga_di_distNo
* @param int ga_price
* @param int ga_inStock
* @return none

public void newGame(int ga_productNo, String ga_title, int ga_released, String ga_gameDeveloper, String ga_description, String ga_genre, String ga_platform, String ga_distributor, int ga_di_distNo, int ga_price, int ga_inStock)

games.newGame(ga_productNo, ga_title, ga_released, ga_gameDeveloper, ga_description, ga_genre, ga_platform, ga_distributor, ga_di_distNo, ga_price, ga_inStock);


* newMusic()
* Add a new Music to archive
* @param int mu_productNo
* @param String mu_artist
* @param String mu_title
* @param int mu_released
* @param String mu_recordlabel
* @param String mu_description
* @param String mu_genre
* @param String mu_distributor
* @param itn mu_di_distNo
* @param int mu_price
* @param int mu_inStock
* @return none

public void newMusic(int mu_productNo, String mu_artist, String mu_title, int mu_released, String mu_recordlabel, String mu_description, String mu_genre, String mu_distributor, int mu_di_distNo, int mu_price, int mu_inStock)
musics.newMusic(mu_productNo, mu_artist, mu_title, mu_released, mu_recordlabel, mu_description, mu_genre, mu_distributor, mu_di_distNo, mu_price, mu_inStock);


* newMovie()
* Add a new Movie to the archive
* @param int mo_productNo
* @param String mo_title
* @param String mo_actor
* @param int mo_released
* @param String mo_filmstudio
* @param String mo_description
* @param String mo_genre
* @param String mo_format
* @param String mo_distributor
* @param int mo_di_distNo
* @param int mo_price
* @param int mo_inStock
* @return none

public void newMovie(int mo_productNo, String mo_title, String mo_actor, int mo_released, String mo_filmstudio, String mo_description, String mo_genre, String mo_format, String mo_distributor, int mo_di_distNo, int mo_price, int mo_inStock)
movies.newMovie(mo_productNo, mo_title, mo_actor, mo_released, mo_filmstudio, mo_description, mo_genre, mo_format, mo_distributor, mo_di_distNo, mo_price, mo_inStock);


* newCustomer()
* Add a new Customer to archive
* @param int cu_customerNo
* @param String cu_surename
* @param String cu_lastname
* @param String cu_adress
* @param int cu_zipCode
* @param String cu_city
* @param int cu_phone
* @return none

public void newCustomer(int cu_customerNo, String cu_surename, String cu_lastname, String cu_adress, int cu_zipCode, String cu_city, int cu_phone)
customers.newCustomer(cu_customerNo, cu_surename, cu_lastname, cu_adress, cu_zipCode, cu_city, cu_phone);


* newDistributor()
* Add a new Distributor to archive
* @param int di_distNo
* @param String di_companyName
* @param String di_adress
* @param int di_zipCode
* @param String di_city
* @param int di_phone
* @param String di_attentionName
* @param int di_attentionPhone
* @return none

public void newDistributor(int di_distNo, String di_companyName, String di_adress, int di_zipCode, String di_city, int di_phone, String di_attentionName, int di_attentionPhone)
distributors.newDistributor(di_distNo, di_companyName, di_adress, di_zipCode, di_city, di_phone, di_attentionName, di_attentionPhone);



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