Inter calling DLL's

I am upgrading a legacy project with 2 levels of DLL.
DLL-A is low level hardware action DLL.
DLL-B Calls Entry into DLL-A and other processing bit.
user can call either DLL-A or B

Originally there were no mention of DLL-B inside DLL-A and all work happily ever after.

Unfortunately I have to introduce rerouting Calls inside DLL-A. so that some calls that are normally performed by DLL-A are rerouted inside A to DLL-B.
So now A can call B and B can call A.

both DLL Compile with no problem.

using VB6 to test them, preforming any call to DLL-A results in "a.dll File not found" ( intact DLL can't be loaded)

If I first call a DLL-B then the DLL-A load OK and I can then call any of DLL-A functions.

Projects setting are the same. I am confused.
Can anybody help?

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