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Hi there

There are three functional requirements that we have put forward to our developers, to check when a windows service is running.
There was one, that involved file swapping.. and re-naming of files.. which sounded obscure from the start.

Could anyone tell me the complications, based on cpu processing power.. with file swapping/renaming files? Like the service would have been checked to see if it's running everytime, how much processing power would this take on a application? Also file-integrity issues?

There is a better solution, which developers are more interested in whereby a flag is set in the database when the service is running and on Page_load, it will check to see if this flag has been set. If set, then user will be redirected to 'downtime page', else it will continue onto logon page.

Any resources to help me on this would be great. Or if I could get chatting briefly about this, that would be even better.

Thanks in advance.

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