How to create "post-it" note? Also, use .odt or rtf?

We are designing a cross platform note application for Linux using wxWidgets in C++ or in Python.

But we have a few questions I need to try to find answers for.

1. should we use a RTF format for the notes, or should we try to use the open source format .odt? Our most important concern is that text formatting is preserved when users cut and paste from OpenOffice, Word, or from Firefox. Any recommendations on how to go about doing this?

2. We want to include a 'Post-It' note feature similar to that used in WORD (in Word they call it "add comment") or in Adobe Acrobat (where it is like a little yellow sticky note) You can click on the document and add a 'comment'. A yellow little box will pop up in which you can type the comment.
Any suggestions on how to make this?

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