Getting Handle for Main Window of an Application


I'm looking to ascertain which is the main window of a given application (in order to switch focus to it) without prior knowledge of the window class that it has.

For example, if I consider the problem of switching to an instance of firefox, there are around a dozen windows (obtained from listing all the windows using EnumWindows) associated with the firefox process. Although I know that the correct window to switch to is that which has the class mozillaUIWindowClass, i'm looking for a method of finding this window without knowing this.

It seems like something which should be fairly simple, but i can't figure it out. Amongst other things, i've tried using the GetParent() function on the windows which are related to the firefox process, but there are quite a few which return null and so are presumably top level windows.

Any help would be very much appreciated.

Thanks in advance,



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