Input and decode

thanks for viewing my problem

I have 2 problem here

1) How to choose which data that i want in Ms Access database?

I already link my database with my vb program and I put some data inside as well. such as 10001 | Apple | 4 | Take away, the next is 10002,10003, I want it when I key in 10001 in the text box, so it will noe that I wanted to data in or with 10001's line..
Is kind like to search it in the database..Any idea? Thanks

2) How to decode the input?

Similar to the problem above, but is different style, same style of input as 11001, but the 1 I want it to indicated of something, such as 1=Apple, 2=Orange, then the 2nd number of 110001, is 0=nothing, 1=1piece, the result will come out as Apple, 1 piece..
Is kind like barcode decoding..Any Idea? Thanks

3) How to make the vb program become stand alone program, such as a icon in the desktop, just double click on it will come out the form that i make but not with the VB..? Thanks

Thanks so much..Appreciate your viewing and reply.

College student


  • just explain ur problem at you will get all the solutions hurry up!!
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