How do I update or delete data on Repeater control using checkboxes?

Hi to every one...

I am developing a small ASP.NET application. It has a page where visitor can post comments, a page for the administrator to view posted comment. I display the comments on a (data) Repeater control with two checkboxes for each record to either mark posts as read or to delete the post; with both enabled property set to true.

For a test, I added a label to tell me the selected (checkbox) item. But each time I check any of the checkboxes, I don't get the expected result. This is my code-behinde file under the Page_Load event handler:

For i As Integer = 0 To rptPosts.Items.Count - 1
Dim row As RepeaterItem = rptPosts.Items(i)
Dim isRead As Boolean = CType(row.FindControl("chkRead"), CheckBox).Checked
Dim isDeleted As Boolean = CType(row.FindControl("chkDelete"), CheckBox).Checked
Dim MessageLabel As Label = CType(row.FindControl("lblMessage"), Label)
If isRead Then
MessageLabel.Text = "Read checked"
ElseIf isDeleted Then
MessageLabel.Text = "Delete checked"
End If Next

Please help me out.
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