C++/C# Programmer for hire


I'm experienced C++ programmer targetting also into C# programming.
I'm looking for job, preferably telecommute.

If you need C++ or C# programmer for developing Windows application please contact with me.

Thank you!


  • Hi. If you are looking a job with competitive rates, you can try here:
    www.getafreelancer.com :) goodluck!
    [url=http://www.DigBands.com/store]Dig Bands[/url]
  • For those who are in need of highly qualified programmers at a good rate, I suggest checking out www.hire-programmer.com. Hire Programmer does not only have US programmers in their team, they also outsource some of them which enable them to quote more competitive rates. They gave me a team from the Philippines and they are great. I am very happy with their work.
  • Dear Programmer,

    It has come to our attention here at Black Feathers Productions that you are looking for a long term job. We are in the business of building games and some minor websites.
    If you are interested then please send a short resume and contact source to greg@blackfeathersproductions.com

    Gregory S. Looney C.E.O.
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