BASH: SED/AWK A Variable

Hi Im wondering how to extract data from a variable. I have a variable that contains YYYYMMDD, something like 20091013. Can I extract the year, YYYY, to varA, the month, MM, to varB and the day, DD to vabC?


  • here is an example of BASH Substring Extraction

    # 0-based indexing.
    year=${dateString:0:4} # YYYY
    month=${dateString:4:2} # MM
    day=${dateString:6:2} # DD
    echo "year=$year, month=$month, day=$day"
  • something like this, I mean
    echo 20191012 | awk '{a=substr($0,1,4); c=substr($0,7,2);b=substr($0,5,2); print(c "." b "." a )}'

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