Looking for a little advice or help

Hello very nice to meet you all

I runa website www.mywebstar.co.uk [link=http://www.mywebstar.co.uk][/link] I am kinda old fashioned when it comes to web design simply because I took a break for about 5 years. Now I have come back and would liek to start a website properly again. We ar ein very early stages and I am getting used to CSS again.

I designed the site originally using basic code with no seperate css file I am now moving to CSS and I am having a few layout problems which I am hoping you can assit me with.

I have laid out my site mostly using divs and the css sheet
my css code is here http://www.mywebstar.co.uk/styles/mywebstar.css
I have used Percentages for sizing the Top Bar , Left Navigation , Right Navigation and Middle content. I have done the page I loaded it in a browser and whenever I make the window smaller the middle content drops to the bottom. I have looked at my code I am looked over teh internet and I cannot see how to fix this, knowing me it is probably something really small and easy to fix.

Does anyone know how I can make it so the middle stays up top with the left and right nav and disappear to the bottom on a window resize?

Am I best to layout the nav and conetnt divs using percentages or pixels?

I am think I am just tired and missing the obvious but I am banging my head against a wall atm please help :)

Thank you



  • On divs you use "float: left;", or "float: right;" if you want it float on the right. There are many tutorials in css on the net, and you have a long way to go. Another issue you may encounter is the browser issue, it may look good in firefox but broken in Internet explorer or vice versa. Why don't you seek a help of experts, there's a lot of [link=http://myglobalstaff.com]small business outsourcing[/link] now that can help you do your site at low price. [link=http://myglobalstaff.com]Web site development services[/link] are being outsource now, so you can save time, money and effort.
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