TASM question

While using TASM 5.0r, I obtain the following

list file :

2E: A3 1004r mov rm_top, ax

A3 1004r mov ds:rm_top, ax

26: A3 1004r mov es:rm_top, ax

64: A3 1004r mov fs:rm_top, ax

65: A3 1004r mov gs:rm_top, ax

As you can notiche for DS there is no prefix !

If you look at Intel Instruction Set Reference (Vol 2) you' ll find these prefixes :

2Eh cs

36h ss

3Eh ds

26h es

64h fs

65h gs

I get a lot of errors when working in PM because of these prefix.

Does anyone have some patch ?



  • Hi Diante,

    The Processor always has a default Segment-Register for each addressing type. The prefixes are mentioned to use Segments that differs from the default.

    The error you receive in PM is something I can't explain. As far as I know are the default-settings the same like in real- or v86-Mode. Maybe there's another reason due those errors occur...

    Hope I helped anyway



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