translate from C

Hi All , could any one please translate this into Delphi :

UCHAR FoulString[] = "foul";

ScanBuffer (
__in_bcount(BufferSize) PUCHAR Buffer,
__in ULONG BufferSize

Routine Description

Scans the supplied buffer for an instance of FoulString.

Note: Pattern matching algorithm used here is just for illustration purposes,
there are many better algorithms available for real world filters


Buffer - Pointer to buffer
BufferSize - Size of passed in buffer

Return Value

TRUE - Found an occurrence of the appropriate FoulString
FALSE - Buffer is ok

ULONG searchStringLength = sizeof(FoulString) - sizeof(UCHAR);

for (p = Buffer;
p <= (Buffer + BufferSize - searchStringLength);
p++) {

if (RtlEqualMemory( p, FoulString, searchStringLength )) {

printf( "Found a string
" );

// Once we find our search string, we're not interested in seeing
// whether it appears again.

return TRUE;

return FALSE;

many thanks
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