For Sale Sony Ericcson Idou...$290,Samsung i900 Omnia...$205

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Kendall Limited is a recognized distributor of various consumer electronics.we are one of the leading mobile phone distributors.we are legitimate registered company.

Registered No.01889581

We specialize in a wide range of products such as laptops, mobile phones, plasma & lcd tv, mp3 & mp4 players, video games console, digital cameras, dvd players (Etc) at affordable prices.for more information regarding purchase.

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We look forward in placing your Order with us
and giving you the most competent services as we are using this
Media to seek buyers of various electronics product we Stock.

For information:
Shipping Method: FedEx and UPS.
Delivery time:24hours delivery to your door step.

Our phones are sealed original factory packages complete with accessories,
eg charger, extra battery and software c d. The phones have been free and
never lock to any network, specification: (Europeans / USA-specifications)
general network gsm 900/gsm 1800/gsm 1900 platform - tri band (GSM900 + 1800
+ 1900 MHz: country of manufactured origin: Finland, Hungary and Singapore.

1. Complete accessories (Well packed and sealed in original company box)
2nd Unlocked / sim free.
3rd Brand new (original manufacturer) box - no copies
4th All phones have English language as default
5th All material (software, manual) - car chargers - home chargers - usb
data cables -holsters/belt clips - wireless headsets (bluetooth)-leather and
non-leather carrying cases - batteries.

If you are interested, forward your questions and requests via e-mail us
your order and shipping details. we give 1 year warranty for every product
sold to our customers, our product are company class 1 tested and approved
by global standard organization of wireless industry, new merchandise with
complete accessories, extra charger and battery.



Apple iphone 3G S 32GB - $300usd
Apple iPhone 3G 16GB GoldenEye - 250usd
Apple iPhone 3G 16GB Unlocked - $200usd
Aplle iphone 3GS 16GB - $240usd
Apple iPhone 8GB Unlocked - $180usd
Apple iPhone 4GB Unlocked - $160usd
Apple iphone 3G Unlocked - $140usd


T-Mobile Sidekick LX 2009 - $140usd
T-Mobile Sidekick LX 2008 - $130usd
T-Mobile Sidekick LX - $110usd
Juicy couture Sidekick III - $100usd
T-Mobile G1 - $130usd
T-Mobile Sidekick III - $110usd
T-Mobile Shadow - $120usd
T-Mobile Sidekick II - $95usd
Juicy Couture sidekick II - $80usd


Nokia 5800 XpressMusic - $270usd
Nokia N97 32GB - $270usd
Nokia 5320 XpressMusic - $250usd
Nokia N96 16GB - $250usd
Nokia 5220 XpressMusic - $220usd
Nokia N95 8GB - $200usd
Nokia E90 Communicator - $200usd
Nokia 8800 Sirocco - $200usd
Nokia N95 - $170usd
Nokia N93i - $170usd
Nokia n93 - $170usd
Nokia N92 - $160usd
Nokia N91 8GB - $160usd
Nokia N80 - $160usd
Nokia N76 - $160usd
Nokia 770 Internet - $160usd
Nokia 8801 - $150usd
Nokia N75 - $130usd
Nokia E71 - $200usd
Nokia E65 - $130usd
Nokia E90 - $200usd
Nokia N73 - $120usd
Nokia 8800 Sapphire Arte
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