Freelance Web Designers and Web Developers Wanted

My name is Daniel Smith and I run a small web development company.
We are looking to take on more work and we have a few possible clients with work but this requires a few extra programmers and designers.
I am looking to create business relationships with a number of skilled and professional designers and developers who are looking to complete freelance work.
I will provide work when it is available and at a good rate.
I must obviously remind you that there will not always be work but if it all goes well I hope to at least triple the current workload.
If you are interested in applying then please email me at along with your contact details, your skills and your skill level, any examples of past work and any references you may have.
I will respond to all of the emails I receive and I hope to hear from you soon.

Daniel Smith.


  • BAN'S is located in India now we have started SW development working with JAVA/J2EE & Web Technologies. We have extensive experience in Development like Software Client-Server Applications & Web Application, With our early adaption and extensive experience, Our experienced development team Ambitious & Self Motivated to create powerful applications that are as per your requirements and budget, with Assurance of timely Delivery & Quality.

  • Hi Daniel!

    An alternative for this forums when looking to hire designers offshore would be in outsourcing sites like oDesk, Freelancer, Elance, etc. These are legitimate sites. You pay those people who render services to you.

    You can post your jobs/projects at such sites and wait for people to bid for your projects/jobs. Make sure you include all the important details, instructions and requirements so designers will know and understand the project. This will also help them bid a reasonable price.

    How do I know if they are legitimate providers?
    Their profiles can be viewed publicly where you can check their number of completed jobs, portfolios, ratings and feedback from previous contractors they've worked with. This will help you choose which ones to hire and not. Here's one good article that summarizes the different outsourcing sites reviews:
    It also talks about some few guidelines in effectively hiring people offshore.
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