I would like some help please.

Hi. Im pretty new here, but I just want to ask a question (im guessing theres some stupid answer that ive overlooked) but I cant find the answer anywhere.

I'm using XNA, and I'm trying to draw my 'player'. I'm using:

[code]spriteBatch.Draw(playerIcon, new Vector2(0, 0));[/code]

and i'm getting the error: [color=Blue]Error 10 No overload for method 'Draw' takes '2' arguments C:Documents and SettingsmougofMy DocumentsVisual Studio 2008ProjectsWindowsGame1WindowsGame1Game1.cs 110 13 WindowsGame1[/color]

I'm really new to XNA and C# but I would like some help with doing this. Also some explanation on how you actually fix the error and what the error is saying (i know arguments are the bits before each ','.)

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