Issue using Printform

I hope you guys can help. I have an issue with an application I have written. The application is writtin VS2008 in VB code. I have used the printform from powerpack 1 in the application. The issue i have is that the application works fine on evry machine i have installed it on so far and the print function works fine apart from one machine. On this machine the print is always blank. the machine in question prints fine from any other application just this one i have built. I have tried everything i can think the machine has all updates installed and the latest drivers are installed.

Any help at all would be good


  • seancampbellseancampbell Pennsylvania, USA
    Sorry I cannot really help you with this,

    For testing purposes, I suggest writing some lines of code that will log information into a .txt file so you can trace out values and trouble shoot why nothing is getting printed. You could also install Visual studio and execute the project from that box to see if stepping through the code 1 line at a time will help debug it.
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