Home Security - Simple Steps to Take When Facing Bogus Callers

Home robbery is in fact not always accompanied by violent acts. It is true that many criminals still depend on traditional ways to enter their victims' houses by breaking windows or picking door locks. But some others prefer to use a more gentle way. Facing the latter type of house breakers, security devices such as window or door alarm become useless.

Bogus Callers, as they are usually called, are criminals who attempt to enter their victims' property by introducing themselves as employee of some companies or organizations. Normally the types of companies they choose relate to household service providers such as electric utility or TV repair companies. But it is also possible that they pretend to be your new neighbour. Your task in this case is actually very clear, that is to find out whether the person you are facing is really what they said. However, if you are really not sure about him do not hesitant to ask him to come back later, until there is someone else at your home.

Everyone knows that logically bogus callers are well-prepared to set out. They might come to your house complete with a particular uniform and a fake ID Card. Although it looks like a waste of time, you should still try to observe whatever are on them. If you are still in doubt just contact the company the person has introduced. Find out whether the person is really what he told you. Do not forget to ask the company whether they have sent that person to your house.

Another step you might take is to ask the person where has he or she been previously. If he mentions one of your neighbors' houses, just contact the neighbour to prove that he told the truth. However, even if the person is really what he is, by no means you may ever leave him alone in your home. In case he persuades you to go out, simply refuse to do so. It is wise to ask your relative to accompany you at home while he is working.

Once again, in facing bogus callers, common alarm system might be useless. The main function of such security devices is to prevent intruders to enter your property, not to face criminals such as bogus callers. Nevertheless, it is a wise decision to equipt your house with security cameras. In this way you are able to record anything that happens at your home.

Nowadays due to the advancement of technology, the price of a security camera and a video recorder has decreased significantly. You can even turn your own PC and webcam into a simple surveillance system. For this purpose you can download a surveillance software on the internet. In this way you can monitor and record the situation in or around your house.

A surveillance system cannot prevent bogus callers to take action in your home, but at least it allows you to make a record of his activity. This can be useful for taking further action in case something worse happens.

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