My.Computer.Clipboard... Problem with "My"

I have problem with "My" in next code:

If My.Computer.Clipboard.ContainsText() Then
Dim ClipText As String
ClipText = My.Computer.Clipboard.GetText

Error: "Name 'My' is not declared".

I added many referenses, but it didn't help.


  • seancampbellseancampbell Pennsylvania, USA
    I need to know more information about your project to determine the cause of this. Please provide the version of Visual Studio you are using, the type of project you are making (Windows Application, or Website), the full code in the function, and the full details from the crash message.

    Should be enough to give you some suggestions if not an answer.

    found this:

    And looks like you were doing this:

    If you are working on ASP.Net code (with VB backend) I don't think you can access the My namespace, I don't think you can access the clipboard data. If you are doing a windows application, then that's weird that the My namespace is missing, so lets try and figure this out.
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