How to add flash videos to website

On internet, there are more and more people ask questions like "How can I add flash videos to my website?", "How can I embed a flash video(FLV) into my web
page?", "How to insert an abobe flash video into frontpage?" Here, I will give a step-by-step user guide to solve these problems.

[b]Step-by-step User Guide:

Step 1. Download [b]Moyea Web Player[/b] from [link=][/link], install and launch it[/b]


[b]Step 2. Add videos into Moyea Web Player[/b] (Moyea Web Player offers free [link=]Video4Web Converter[/link] to
convert the all video to flash video)


[b]Step 3.[/b] moyea Web Player Pro publishes some files like a swf file named mwplayer.swf and a html file named index.html


[b]Step 4.[/b] Upload all the published files to the same folder with your web pages files on your host server.

[b]Step 5.[/b] open index.html with notepad or dreamweaver, edit the embeded code to
Player will show here

var so = new SWFObject('mwplayer.swf','player','500','450','9');

[b]Step 6.[/b] Copy and paste the edited embedded code to your web page. Then the [link=]flash video player[/link] with videos will
appear on your website.

Source is [link][/link]
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