Is this site abandonded by its owners? Will await a reply...

I like to help people out and answer questions, but on top of all of the problem that seem to never be fixed, now there is just an absolute flood of spam comming in. This is kind of the last blow to make (at least the C# forum) completely unusable.

Is it time to say good-by to PH?


  • Since the problems have been going on for months, it does indeed look like the death of the site.
  • [color=Blue]What we need here is better tools for moderation. For example it would be nice to have the functionality like remove all posts of a specific topic starter (and remove his login credentials as well). And remove it without marking the thread as deleted, because it will simply have no effect - all threads still will be listed, but marked as "This thread was deleted". Simply yank it all in one SQL statement![/color]
  • Well if you look at a site like StackOverflow - moderation is distributive and based on poster "trust". I would argue that it's not so much the moderation "Tools" but the entire moderation solution/approach. Especially if the owners of the site have basically abandoned it. A system resembling StackOverflow's would at least allow the persistence of site maintenance without actually requiring any owner interaction.
  • You pick "delete entire thread" at the top left above the post.

    Yet there is no tool for mass deleting posts.
  • : Especially if the owners of the site have
    : basically abandoned it.

    Actually I think they are merely incompetent. We had a similar spam flood last year and it took them ages to fix that.
  • --> Actually I think they are merely incompetent

    Even an incometent would at least post a reply somewhere about something - at the very least to defend themselves. I really think there is just a minimal level of attention given to the back-end of this site.

    I know there is a "Jonathan" somewhere that consults for them or something like that - but he doesn't seem to be on full-time employment here and is the only one I've seen that appears to do any up-keep.
  • I'm felling the same thing!
  • Not abandoned but change of admins and moderation that didn't work out, but we now have some new resources in place that are slowly getting up to speed.

    It's been a bumpy ride, but we are starting to get things worked out.

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