Problems with Installer S/w

Hi All,
I have developed one application with MFC/VC++ using MS Visual Studio 6.0 which is running successfully.
I have developed one Installer s/w (with MS InstallShield for Visual C++ 6) for that application which runs successfully on a M/c wth MS Visual Studio 6.0 pre-installed but gives error on a M/c without MS Visual Studio 6.0 installed on it.

The errors are "Runtime Error! Program: C:LNMS-SRAXLNMS.exe" follwoed by "Debug Assertion Failed! Program: C:LNMS-SRAXLNMS.exe; File: daocore.cpp; Line: 45".

Whereas I have used all the necessary DLL's (like MFC42D.dll, MFCO42D.dll, MFCN42D.dll, MSVCRTD.dll, ole32.dll, dao350.dll and so on) in Program DLL and Shared DLL.

Can anybody help me out on the topic? Please do mail me at the earliest.

Thanking You and Best Regards.

Soumen Biswas.
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