how to convert binary martix in the black and white image in C C++

hi i am working in image processing.
i am using C++ for fast execution.
i am new in C++.
now i want to generate black and white image from binary metrix.
as per exam pal
in matrix when i write 1 it gives me black and 0 means white


gives me output



i.e whenever 1 is there it highlighted with black.
plz any body give ma code for this or any direction for this


  • What OS are you writing code for?
    What is an "image"? Graphical presentation on the screen? A bitmap?
  • windows XP

    yes a bitmap image
  • First, note that this is [italic]not[/italic] a beginner's task. You will have to write the output from the program binary into a file, creating the bitmap from scratch. The kind of bitmap you are interested in is known as DIB, Device Independant Bitmap.

    If you have a Windows compiler that will help a lot, since the Windows API comes with pre-made structs called BITMAPFILEHEADER and BITMAPINFOHEADER.

    Bitmaps are documented here:

    Good link:
  • sir can u plz send ma code for this
    b'coz i dont know much in this
    so plz help me
    and send it as soon as possible b'coz i had presentation on same
    on friday 25th sep.
    theory i already read from your link
    it is realy good one
    thanx for your reply
    plz reply soon.
    thank you again.
    daxesh patel

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