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We are BVBLogic - a Ukrainian software development company which has quite a long and good history. For the last 10 years we have been developing web sites and web applications for working with big databases.
Now we are trying to extend our horizons and make our way to the international market. And we are looking for a partner to start a common business.
On our side we can provide a solid team of specialists who know how to quickly and effectively organize development processes and how to meet clients


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    We are also looking for the same, Consider this as our Interest to joining as Partner with your Organization...

    About Us :

    BAN'S is located in India now we have started SW development working with JAVA/J2EE technology. We have extensive experience in Development like Software Client-Server Applications & Web Application, With our early adaption and extensive experience, Our experienced development team Ambitious & Self Motivated to create powerful applications that are as per your requirements and budget, with Assurance of timely Delivery & Quality.

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