Spam on forums

What is being done about it?

Obviously the captcha isn't stopping it. Is there a captcha when you register as a new user?


  • [color=Blue]This is mostly on un-moderated forums. Looks like I have to take care of Assembler forums moderation.[/color]
  • I could do the asm forums if you don't want to. It's been on my mind for some time.
  • Only because moderators manually delete 10 spam messages per day... it has been going on all summer and it is getting tiresome.
  • Ok I'm giving up moderation of the C/C++ forums until the spam filters are fixed. The moderator tool is very crude so you can only delete one post at once.

    Again, it is utterly embarrassing that a [b]programming[/b] site can't fix mundane anti-spam tasks.
  • I'm about done posting answers on the C# forum if you guys can't get the spam under control or even answer or give any kind of response to webmaster mails, reports, or whatever -

    Is this entire site completely abandoned by its owners at this point?

  • I want to be a moderator of the Assembly forum, but as i can see, the forum is abandoned and there are many spams!
  • We are playing catch-up with the spammers at this point, but we should be rolling out some new things that should make this even harder for the spammers.

    Problem is that a lot of the spammers are not bots, but people posting manually, which is pretty hard to manage with automated tools.

    Appreciate your patience so far.
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