Remotely Manageable LED Dot Matrix using internet

hi, i am a final year student now doing a project about remotely manageable led dot matrix using internet.basically this is a project where we use a client computer to send the messages through the internet to the computer server which is connected via rs232 to the dot matrix display. i have problem in creating the programming code using and another problem in sending the data using the internet. can i send data through internet by using i program the to send the data from the client to the server?

I need help.pls respond asap.thanks a lot.



  • 1st. what is the problem you are refering to when you say "i have problem in creating the programming code using"?
    2nd. Yes you can send data through the internet with, look into & wrapper class for sockets, very easy to use)
  • i do not know how to write the source code. is there any similar source code for led dot matrix available for reference? how do i use the options that you gave? i dont know how to use it.
  • seancampbellseancampbell Pennsylvania, USA

    Read this article thouroughly, click the links for "Server Program" and "Client Program" and you will see how to build them. Complete this example to get some experience using System.Net.Socket to send and retrieve data. Once you have done this, you should understand how to send information from one computer, to a server, and have the server send the information to another client computer that will have the LED Dot Matrix hooked up to it.

    No one here is going to be able to tell you how to write the code that you need, because we don't know everything (or anything really) about what you are trying to accomplish. Even if you took the time to write us a book on what you need, it would still probably be inadiquet, in the end no body will really want to do the work for you anyway.

    Take the time to understand System.Net.Socket. Take the time to understand how to turn LEDs on and off on the Dot Matrix thing you have. Once you can do both of these things, combining the two should seem intuitive. If you run into errors or things that you just cannot get to work the way they are supposed to... then come back with sample code and get some help with specific problems.

    Google, and other search engines, are your Friend. Everything I know about programming I learned through Google and trial and error. No person in a forum can teach you to program, only you can teach you to program. Teachers, Forums, and the Internet are just means to get the information you need to teach yourself

    Happy Coding,
    Sean Campbell
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