VBScript for Windows cluster

I need the Windows cluster member to auto run a batch job when the cluster resources are fail over to it from another member.
I use the vbscript below:
Dim WshShell
Set WshShell = CreateObject("WScript.Shell")
Function Online()
RunCommand "c:start.bat", True
Online = 0
End Function
Function Open()
Open = 0
End Function
Function Close()
Close = 0
End Function
Function LooksAlive()
LooksAlive = 0
End Function
Function IsAlive()
IsAlive = 0
End Function
Function RunCommand(command, wait)
RunCommand = WshShell.Run(command, 1, wait)
End Function
The problem is I can't bring it online in cluster administrator, and can't trigger the batch job. It show an error code and I think i miss something in the code.
Please, Is there anyone can help me !!!


  • The problem solved. There was an invalid command inside the batch file cause the error. Thanks to those who had read my thead.
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