C program : word frequency without string functions

Hey I know many would have solved this but can anyone help me out again please.

Question: I need write a C program to search for a given string in a file and count the no of occurences of that string in the file.
The condition is that i must not use any string functions like strlen, strcmp etc. I am sitting with this problem for hours. so please can anyone help me out with this problem.
The string and the file are passed through argument functions argc, argv.



  • How would you do it with string functions?
    And then write your own stringfunctions...

    Most string functions are easy (if not trivial) to write yourself.
    I'm in a good mood, let me give you an example:
    int strlen(char *str)
    int len = 0;
    while (*(str++))++len;
    return len;
    Next time you need help with a homework assignment, post code of your attemps, you'll have more chance of someone helping you and giving you good, relevant advice.

    Good luck.
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