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We here are Crystalline Hope offer a site for lovers of AD&D: the Role Playing system a place to play. It solves the problem of having no one to play with, or having a packed schedule and only certain hours you can play, when at those hours no one else can.

Visit our site and join! It aims for 100s of PCs in a virtual world. Come visit our site at:

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We are currently in need of programmers who can help with an internet chat program, that will be made for Role Playing games. Currently it is a volounteer project, and one day will turn into a profit program.

If you have heard of .. then you'll know for sure what im talking about! It's a great program, but we want ours to be better!

Visit the site for information on how to join!



  • Greetings,

    I'm doing one of my own actually

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