WOLF Online needs support!

Hello everyone,

I'm from the Haven Woods-Team and got something to tell you:

Our team needs help.

We want to recreate an old DOS game called WOLF (1994, by sanctuary woods) in a more modern way (meaning online-features, more freedom in character creation and so on) and now, after creating nearly most of the game, we're stuck. There are things we just can't do on our own like
- working with DirectX to simulate dawn and sunset
- seamless maps (it's a 2D game with maps of 30x30 fields)
- some debugging of the current systems

Already working is for example the connection between server and client, character creation and character movement (even poses). Also several other, smaller things. The source code is in Visual Basic 6 and uses Winsock for online mode.

Is there anyone willing to help us out? Any donations we get will be given to you until we paid what we owe you.

Please post your offers and conditions as well as your email-adress here. Thanks for your attention ^^'
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