sql and asp programmers needed

Looking for ASP/SQL programmers to add to our growing team. This is not for anyone looking for part-time work, at this time we need programmers who are able to put in the hour as we have plenty of work that needs to be done. ASP.net-NO , ASP classic-YES. If you are an outsourcing company, please go away and for the love of it all do not spam or email me, thanks!

If you are hard working and can pretend to get along with or at least pretend to like our other programmers, then please feel free to email me with your resume- not that I will read them because I have found resumes do not always reflect ones capabilities.

This is a telecommuting job, so, you will need a home office that meets the requirements (if you have any clue about programming you will already know this but what they hay!):

-Must maintain a reliably quiet and professional home work environment during working hours.

-Must have reliable high-speed internet (DSL or Cable)

-Must have reliable personal computer which meets minimum system requirements

-Windows XP or 2000

-512 mb RAM

-Internet Explorer 7 or Firefox 2.x web browser

Pay rate is starting at $15.00 an hour for two week probation period for this contract position. After probation period, salary will be determine on results.

We are looking for programmers who can start immediately and work at least 30-40+ hours. Sense of humor is a must with us and thick skin! If you do not have the skills or sense of humor that we are seeking, please do not reply. If you do, please shoot me an email ASAP!
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