web services for thesis.

hi & hello,
iam a phd scholar of anna university, iam doing my thesis in web based land information system, i.e a data base connected to a web page which will retrive and display details of database i,e the details about land(study area). my data base will be consisting of maps, text details, thumb nail impressions...etc.

simply like google maps, first tamil nadu state in india, by clicking on the zone, to the study area, from there to the plots of the fields. here the software must work for me for whole tamilnadu state.

my question is will java be able to supply my needs.if java can do it for me then then how about the security, workability, durability of the code will be.
what data base will suit me well for java.pls suggest some good books for java and database for learning.

if java will not do it for me, which open source software will suit me better, pls suggest. yours truly,

gopi k.T
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