LineInput Error

I have two similar copies of a VB Net project that both contain the following lines of code to read data from the same sequential data files:

FileOpen(1, Filename, OpenMode.Input)

It then reads numeric data with commands such as :
Input(1, Numeric_Variable_Name(n))

and text with the command:
String_Variable_Name(n) = LineInput(1)

One of the programs works fine, but the other fails to read the text data. A QuickWatch of one of the string variables shows


  • Hi,

    Is the program reading the data back in, in the exact same order that it as written?

    If you are unsure, can you refer to the original VB6 program?


    Dr M
  • Thanks for your suggestion. Yes the data was read-in in the same order that in which it was written and the same code worked perfectly well in the past. However, I now have a version that is working fine, so the problem will just have to remain one of life's unsolved mysteries.
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