Geda VX690HD, the No.1 MP4 of the World Has Landed with a Strong Storm

In an age that HD MP4 takes most of the market share, the two manufacturers Gemei and Angda work together, and promote a new type of MP4---Geda VX690HD.
The resolving power of the 4.3inch screen is 1920*1080 which is superior to the HD MP4 in the market.
The appearance of this MP4 is designed by the engineers, which breaks the situation that all the MP4 are the same.
The thing should be paid special attention to is Geda VX690HD can play the 1080P-wide format video. Even if the code stream reaches 100Mbs, it can cope with it smoothly, which really can be called to play it without conversion. This capability is what RMVB box has.[img=]

Geda VX690HD can read the HD DVD and blue ray DVD (Mini Disc), which solves the problem of the disc source. The good capability of the player comes from the excellent processor core. Geda VX690HD adopts the CCAV5400 chips of Chip China Rock. According to the president of Chip China Rock, the comprehensive ability of this chip is above the AMD5400+, here comes the name 5400. Actually, this is a little modest. The ability of this chip is the same as or stronger than the Intel Core 2 Extreme QX9770. But what does CCAV mean? I don
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