Error in .sh files while running on windows

Hi all

I want to run the file having extension .sh on windows and i have installed cygwin and some of my sh files are running perfectly but if i run the file having following code:


"D:/sentenceclassifier/TrainTest" -n "All_Features" $1 $2 > t_a_.arff;

"D:/sentenceclassifier/TrainTest" -l LemmaSorted.txt -n "All_L" $1 $2 > t_a_l.arff;
"D:/sentenceclassifier/TrainTest" -l LemmaSorted.txt -p 31 -z -n "All_L_P31_Z" $1 $2 > t_a_l_p31_z.arff;

"D:/sentenceclassifier/TrainTest" -l LemmaSorted.txt -p 31 -z -u -n "All_L_P31_Z_U" $1 $2 > t_a_p31_z_u.arff;
"D:/sentenceclassifier/TrainTest" -l LemmaSorted.txt -s my-stop-list -n "All_L_S" $1 $2 > t_a_l_s.arff;

"D:/sentenceclassifier/TrainTest" -p 31 -z -n "All_P31_Z" $1 $2 > t_a_p31_z.arff;

"D:/sentenceclassifier/TrainTest" -p 31 -z -u -n "All_P31_Z_U" $1 $2 > t_a_p31_z_u.arff;

"D:/sentenceclassifier/TrainTest" -s my-stop-list -n "All_Stopwords" $1 $2 > t_a_s.arff;

"D:/sentenceclassifier/TrainTest" -z -n "All_Z" $1 $2 > t_a_z.arff;[/color][/color]

and executing it as:
bash corpus_only_dataset
it gives error
bash.exe warning could not find /temp please create! D:sentenceclassifierTrainTest is a directory

Can any one help to solve the problem by let me know what i m doing wrong... Urgent help please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




  • Cheers!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I have solved the problem the mistake i was doing is not setting path for cygwin/bin so it could not find the file bash.exe

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