The auction website mambobidz is an online auction payment service web site that originally allowed auction buyers to purchase online using their credit card.
Before each auction Mambo Bidz will determine the maximum bid amount that will be accepted for the auction, among other things. This maximum bid price will be displayed for each auction and is referred to as the "Mamboz Price".
To Participate,users must register and setup a profile in which they may choose a school for charity (grades K-12) . Registering is free.
After registering members may then participate in an auction.

The successful participant may then purchase the product and/or service for the successful bid amount submitted by them in the Auction.
After receiving payment for the successful bid amount, the product and/or service will be delivered to the member.

All products and/or services are new, brand name products, provided by the manufacturer or distributor, unless otherwise noted.

ALL shipping and handling charges are Paid by Mambo Bidz. There are no additional charges for shipping or handling. You will be responsible for any taxes and/or customs duties.


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