Posting policies

- All messages that are racist, sexist, insulting or containing a link to illegal content will be deleted and may lead to a user ban.

The posting policies specific for the C/C++ boards:

1.) Only post C or C++ related messages.
2.) Nothing ethnically, racially, or verbally offensive.
3.) All code should be inside the [leftbr]code[rightbr], [leftbr]/code[rightbr] tags.
4.) No job offers on this messageboard. Use the Job Messageboard for that.
5.) Don't ask us to do your job / homework for you. Please either ask a specific question or post the code you are having trouble with.
6.) Please avoid using subjects such as 'HELP!' and 'newbie question'. A descriptive subject like 'When starting Xwindows I get error "xyz"' will probably get attention a lot sooner.
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