problem with gcc

hi everyone and i'm pretty proud to be one of this amazing community!!

i have a project that i work on!!it's a product that has been installed and compiled in AIX system with xlc compiler!!my job here is to migrate this one to red hat linux entreprise 5 and compile all the makefile with GCC!!

now i'm having this error when compiling one .c files:

$ make all
gcc -c -DLINUX -DUNIX_OPSYS -DDEBUG -I/home/oracle/Open2/COMMON/inc -I/home/oracle/Open2/dbg -I/home/oracle/Open2/lng/inc -I/home/oracle/Open2/syu/inc /home/oracle/Open2/lng/src_BCLIB/lng_bclib.c
/home/oracle/Open2/lng/src_BCLIB/lng_bclib.c:952: erreur: static declaration of


  • The prototype has to match the signature, or the first line of the function. Thus if the function is static (in file scope) the prototype should also be static. In this case the prototype should be in the same file as the function - it makes no sense to have it in aheader.

  • i wrote the same declaration static int Code39... int header file and it's seem to be worked!!i'm not sue if that correct anyway thanks a looot for your help!!
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