(non Paid Project)Seeking c++ programmers

[b]Team Name:[/b]
BaD Angel Studios

[b]Project Name:[/b]

MMORRG(Massive Multiplayer Online Role Racing Game)
It takes place on a continent called Hyfuina
You choose different roles and classes and race for different territories
Theres a better description on forum about Brak3


8 per race(Open World)

To Achieve highest rank,most money,Highest rep,Fastest Car,Biggest Team(clan),
High Scores,Achieve the highest roles.

Race Modes:
Drag:2 - 4 Players (6 Optional)
A type of race which all you do is shift gears at right times with right tunings for
easy wins.

Drift:4-6 Players
A type of race where you mostly break and turn continuosly to rank up on drift points
also have to reach finish line first to add bonus point.

Circuit:4-8 Players
A type of race where you drive in big circle thru different terrains while trying to
keep first place.

Knock-Out:4-8 Players
A type of race where which place you in counts, if you are last finishing lap you are
knocked out of race.

Keep-up:6-8 Players
A type of race where someone will be the keep-up and all other players have to keep up with
the keep-up player thru all obstacles.

Speed Test:4-8 Players
A type of race where everything counts all the skills you have accuired first thru all
terrains wins but have to have certain time to be qualified into last race which is the
speed race.

Tournament:6-8 Players
A type of race which consists of different races while you rank up on money and rep.

Dirty Ways:4-8 Players
A type of race which you play dirty which means you do whatever it takes to take players
out, this type of race will include special items that will help you destroy your oppenents

World Tour:4-8 Players
A type of race which you drive thru different terrains and it will test your class skills.

The World has came back together to a new continent called hyfunia. Now you race
for different territorys on different terrains with different roles. The Terrains have collided together which include: Blizzard terrain, Rain Forest terrain, Thunder Plains terrain, Dessert Terrain, and Futuristic City of Brak3.
You choose 1 of the 5 different Roles either Blizzor,Rainofor,Desertor,Citor,Thundrastor.Also have option
not to choose role but will be slighty difficult for you to get terrain boost but premiums have best boost
for you.
These roles have different abilites to perform with pros and cons to all.
Once you choose your role you have option to choose the class inside the role you would specailize in.

Ogre Programmers-Skilled in tool development
Skilled in level desgin
Artist-Skilled in drawing futuristic cities,desert,rainforest,blizzard locaiton etc.Also skilled at unique car desgin maybe 200 years in future

Modelors-3d max is prefered,and maya

Sound Composers-talented making crunk racing type game music with screamo/hip hop taste

[b]Guys thanks for interest but now we seek[/b]
UI Graphical/2d Artist
3d Modelors
Concept artist
C++ programmers
Level designers
AI programmers
RakNet Programmers
Client/server Programmers
Tool Developers
Lead Programmer

3d Max
ogre 3d Engine-for rendering
nvidia physics
cegui-for gui
visual studio 8

Non-Paid until game starts seeing revenue
well be paid weekly once start to see revenue

amada-Lead sound composer





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