IAR visualSTATE using multiple instances of a system


I'm using the IAR visualSTATE software (version 6.2) and I'm experiencing the following problem:

I have created 4 instances of my system because I have 4 identical independant devices. All of those 4 copies have their own independant internal variables, which is good, but they are initialized with the same value, which I do not wish.
I want them to be initialized differently for each instance. These internal variables represent the device ID on which each visualSTATE system should act opon, and this device ID is off course different for each instance.

External variables can be initialized by me, but notice that it is not possible to use external variables for this device ID because it is not possible to let each instance work with another external variable, they would all work with the same external variable.

Does any of you have a clean solution to initialize the internal variables of the different instances of my system independantly?

Thanks in advance!

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