Wince Terminal's printer driver

Hello Everybody,

Thanks in advanced and your suggestion is appreciated.....

I am new to WINCE and I have to make printer driver for Human machine
interaction(HMI) .
I have release build of wince ROM installed over HMI. Printer connected to
HMI and it issue print command. it is printing satisfactory
but the issue is, when draft mode is checked the printing area should be
shrink as per our client requirement that is not achieved yet.

The approach i followed:-

1. i used platform builder 4.2

2. make a platform for mobile handheld device that is most similar to our device ( i.e Simatic panel: TP177B PN/DP-6 CSTN)

3. edit project.reg according to our requirement.

4. build platform and image successfully

5. upload driver code and upload testing application via using "remote file viewer".

My queries:-

1. How do i shrink printing area while issuing print command without
affecting quality.
2. Is it any way to debug driver DLL dynamically.

Please's urgent
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