Overwhelmed, where to start??

I'm coming from windows coding, mostly vb for file operations programs.

I need to choose an ide and a language.

There's QT, glade, ruby, gtk+, bash, perl, c, python, shoes...

I'm running gnome, so gambas wont work well, and I'd rather not have a desktop environment specific ide/system anyway. But gambas had the best interface I've seen so far.

What I'm going to do is similar to what I did in windows, populate a listbox with folders, add buttons to perform various operations on one of the folders like extract or delete or mark as keeping (which removes it from the list)

I think c might be overkill for this.

I've been reading for hours and hours, installed more junk that I probably should have. Messed around with gambas till I started getting kde errors, I should have posted before, might have avoided that dead end.

Is there a direction someone can point me in to get started?

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