static void Main(string[] args)
int k = 0;
int[] arr ={4,6,1,12};
for (int i = 0; i <= ''; i++)
if (arr[i] < arr[i + 1])
k = arr[i + 1];

i am trying to find largest number in this array
Although the code is Syntactically write but logically its wrong
the output i m getting is 6 instead of 12
can anybody explain me whats wrong with the logic


  • There is some wonky stuffs going on with the posts here...
  • First, the loop currently has only one iteration, because '' is zero. You need to check if "i < arr.Length". Second, you're not checking if k is already bigger than the next number in the array.

    A nice trick to use here is to replace the if statement with this:
    k = (arr[i] < arr[i + 1]) ? arr[i + 1] : arr[i];

    But a much simpler solution is to just check k against the number:
    if (k < arr[i])
    k = arr[i];
    Hope you can put the pieces together now.

    Edit: dam, didn't notice the double post, but whatever..
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