concerning a group of students for ASM study

I know alot of us like to study alone but i was thinking why not have both alone and with other people with similer interest .

Going to a chat room where you rarely know anyone and asking questions is a bit of a problem ...sometimes there is no one to help and other times you end picking up a fight ..

So why not most of us as beginners with less EGO try and create a Group of students who really really wanna learn ASM .. perhaps to do cool hacks maybe even for a job possition ..So let me know what ya think and the one with the money could help us get a chat room .. Thou i think its possible to get a chat room On IRC(NOT a complex topic just like Yahoo) and i could provide a website ..that we all could come along and create it ..

so if ya into it ? let me know huh ? perhaps we could have something new going on .. I know that there arnt any nice ASM sites around ..most of it even if are based on other topics such as embedded and so own .. I guess this site is the best around for help ..thou still if ya need a chat room and all .. I dont mind if the dude who runs this form contact us to help us alittle bit ..after its the need to help and get help ..

think about each one of us ..starting from a book that we all have .. and we could learn from each other and see each others code based on the Exercises of that particular book .. so you see the benefits ? a 100 to one ..
so let me know ..


  • I have been studying 8086 assembly for qwite some time
    now, with little help except for the ton of documentation
    I have got my hands on.
    The meaning of an explanation on x86 assembly or
    other programming language, may be obvious but not
    clear and can be cleared up by other explanations
    and examples.
    So having plenty of documentation on low-level assembly
    is a must.
    There are plenty of forums, but to gather students
    to a single forum has been wanting for a long time now.
    Students are scattered and the simplicity of the
    8086 architecture is a good working ground for beginners.
    DOS was built upon this architecture of which there
    is much documentation,books,and tutorials.
    Once DOS is loaded is memory it is mosty a static entity
    making its various parts predictable and easy to study.

    DOS hello world:
    jmp mycode ; increment IP to first byte
    ; of instruction at 'mycode'
    str db 'h3ll0 w0rld$' ; allocate and initialize some bytes
    mov dx,offset str ; load DX with address of str for int 21h
    mov ah,09 ; load AH with function number for int 21h
    int 21h ; transfer control to interrupt handler for int 21h
    int 20h ; again, but to int 20h (terminate program)

    There are a handful of servers to start a free forum,
    a chat room on x86 assembly would just be confusing.
    If you already have a group once you create an account
    you could direct them there.

  • if you made a chatroom i'd definitely join it. and i don't mind it being on irc. i'd prefer it actually because i usually have mirc open.

    there are already asm channels (not for beginners in particular though and that could be fun), but i don't know of any specifically for x86 so it would be cool to have one for that, but please give it a name that indicates it's for x86 in particular and not just generically asm, because that's the only way it will last overtime, at least as an x86 channel, because 'asm' channels already exists, and it would be a better way to attract the right people.

  • Hi .. Umm I just created the ASM room on IRC .. I have a web site ... I could create a site and hook a Java App to it and so people could just visit the site and be logged into IRC ..those who dont know how to use IRC ..

    Well let me know ...

    The Chat Room is on the Freenode server ..

    there are 3 of them .. Let me know ,.which one is a better name ..


  • Checked out the IRC.
    Great, but there's not much activity.
    But anyway I will check back there to answer
    questions on 8086/8088 assembly,
    or ask questions myself.
    I will remember to refer others to
    the chat room.

    xxx dig the digit out of the cpu with some
    run time code modification:
    xor byte [myr],2
    jmp myr
    mov ax,[103h]

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  • We are set of people who are in to embedded development based on DSPs and Microcontrollers for last 5-10 years. We have recently started a website to share our knowledge and experience with other developers. We belive sharing knowledge is the path to wisdom.

    Submit your questions/articles about assembly at [link=]Other Programming[/link] for the moment. I can create a seperate forum dedicated to ASM lateron.

    There are some valuable aticles/posts about DSPs, Microcntrollers, FPGA, etc... at [link=]Embedded[/link]

    If you really like to share knowledge with other coders, you are welcome! Otherwise do Google forever ;o)
  • i like the third one :)
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