Concerning a Team of Students studying ASM

I know alot of us like to study alone but i was thinking why not have both alone and with other people with similer interest .

Going to a chat room where you rarely know anyone and asking questions is a bit of a problem ...sometimes there is no one to help and other times you end picking up a fight ..

So why not most of us as beginners with less EGO try and create a Group of students who really really wanna learn ASM .. perhaps to do cool hacks maybe even for a job possition ..So let me know what ya think and the one with the money could help us get a chat room .. Thou i think its possible to get a chat room On IRC(NOT a complex topic just like Yahoo) and i could provide a website ..that we all could come along and create it ..

so if ya into it ? let me know huh ? perhaps we could have something new going on .. I know that there arnt any nice ASM sites around ..most of it even if are based on other topics such as embedded and so own .. I guess this site is the best around for help ..thou still if ya need a chat room and all .. I dont mind if the dude who runs this form contact us to help us alittle bit ..after its the need to help and get help ..

think about each one of us ..starting from a book that we all have .. and we could learn from each other and see each others code based on the Exercises of that particular book .. so you see the benefits ? a 100 to one ..
so let me know ..
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