IBM product based project

In a Competition from IBM we are required to create a project as follows:

[b]"To develop the application kindly make use of multiple products. One needs to start with RUP to plan the project effectively.
Eclipse should be used to do the coding in Java, DB2 Express C with XML should be used to store and manage the database effectively, WAS CE should be used to host the application.
Kindly spend some time in understanding the way WAS CE should be configured and managed for better productivity, and finally do not forget to use TSM to manage the backend database effectively.
Once you have used all these products to develop the complete application, your overall understanding of different software tools and their usage for a high end solution development will get enhanced."[/b]

Can anyone please help me exactly, how to learn and make use of all the above given requirements. I do not know JAVA, but I know C/C++.
Please give me some suggestions, for the same.

How to plan a prject through RUP. how to distribute the work among team members and so on?????

Waiting for the Replies....

thank you


  • Hello Everyone,

    Atleast, You may give me some ideas about UML(Unified Modelling Language).
    Do we have to draw the UML diagrams ourself, or there is some coding methodology.

    I am totally beginner, going to design a system.

    Need help in designing a software.

    How to follow the software development life cycle in a meaningful way.

    Help me.
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